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Trendy Tips for Upgrading Your Gallery Wall

Winnipeg Real Estate Times, November 5, 2022

Gallery walls are an easy way to add a luxurious touch to your home. If you want to keep your home design relevant, consider following a few trendy tips for upgrading your gallery wall. Don’t forget to hang antique art in your home for some timeless charm. Your vintage vinyl collection could also make an interesting wall hanging when it’s not in your record player.

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Reasons Why People Should Wear Traditional Watches

Inspire 52, by Kate Romeo, October 13, 2022

Managing time is one of the most significant aspects of modern life. Why should people wear traditional watches? The quality design of vintage or analog wristwatches makes them versatile accessories for every situation. You can wear a good watch any day of the week to dress up every outfit. Classic-style or vintage styles from the world’s most reputable watch brands have already stood the test of time, considering they’ve been in use for decades.

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Ways To Decide Whether To Keep or Sell Inherited Jewelry

BluFashion, by Dianne Pajo, October 6, 2022

Heirlooms handed down from one generation to the next can provide comforting memories. But sometimes, knowing what to do with things that came to you through a bequest is hard. If you choose to sell, make sure you accurately describe your jewelry, including correctly using the terms antique, vintage, or estate. Antique means 100 or more years old; vintage means 50 to 99 years old; and estate means pre-owned and less than 50 years old. Using the correct terms can prevent disputes about the value and avoid disappointed buyers who want their money back.

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The Most Popular Colored Gemstones in Jewelry

Interesting Facts, August 30, 2022

As one-of-a-kind pieces of mineral crystals, gemstones are some of the most precious objects on Earth. Some of the most notable vintage jewelry trends over the decades focused on gems in a variety of hues, many of which remain prominent in the modern market. Let’s examine five of the most popular colored gemstones in jewelry pieces.

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What It Takes To Become a Successful Antique Dealer

Fupping, by Logan Voss, August 17, 2022

“Antique dealer” is a broad term. This guide will highlight some of the characteristics it takes to become a successful antique dealer. One aspect is to compare prices and determine what qualities make each object more valuable than others like it. This is a necessary skill that you can perfect through practice to help you invest in quality antiques.

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Antiques You Should Consider Adding to Your Collection

Lake Oconee Boomers, July 29, 2022

People have many different hobbies, depending on their personality and what they want to achieve. Antiquing is a complicated process because you must find the right places to get your coveted items, whether online or in person. An item that many used to carry with them everywhere is the pocket watch. There’s a lot you need to know about pocket watches if you want to buy them.

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Choosing a Watch That Suits You Perfectly

A Gentleman’s Lifestyle, July 26, 2022

Even though they are less of a wardrobe staple than in times past, a watch still brings confidence, surety, and an overall air of establishment. It’s such a simple accessory that heightens your look. Before you begin searching for a watch, it’ll help to consider your tastes, as this will narrow down your potential options. For example, if you love the fashion looks of Old Hollywood, then you might want to go for a classic timepiece from an established brand.

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Top Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping for an Engagement Ring, by Stephanie Ross, June 27, 2022

An engagement ring is more than a mere promise of marriage—this ring is a traditional symbol of devotion, love, and commitment to your beloved partner. Don’t feel the need to stick solely to cookie-cutter chain store options. Consider timeless engagement ring styles from the past that have stood the test of time, again and again.

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How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring for your Partner

Man’Edged Magazine, June 15, 2022

If you’re ready to get engaged and start the journey of married life with your partner, you need an idea of what they would like in a ring. Consider what type of style your partner wants in a ring to narrow down your options. If all else fails, consider the ring styles that will always be popular, such as solitaire or princess-cut.

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The Difference Between Decorative Art and Fine Art

Luxury Home Digest, by Roberta Murphy Thompson, May 25, 2022

Is art simply art? Or perhaps something more? Experts in the art world certainly think so and separate pieces based on set criteria and style distinctions. The line between decorative art and fine art does overlap, even more so for collectors. Yet if you’re dipping your toes into the sophisticated market of original fine art collecting, it’s a wise idea to recognize the difference between these classifications.

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