What You Need To Know About Buying Vintage Pocket Watches

What You Need To Know About Buying Vintage Pocket Watches

Watches have been a part of human history since the 16th century. They symbolize style, class, and character. As a functional and stylish accessory, nothing makes a statement like a classic timepiece. Vintage pocket watches have especially made a strong comeback on the fashion scene.

These days, many equate purchasing a vintage pocket watch to purchasing a vintage car. People who buy a timepiece must carefully consider its model, age, quality, grade, size, and unique features during the decision-making process. Here’s what you need to know about buying vintage pocket watches.

Look for a High-Quality Manufacturer and Evaluate the Condition

What you need to know about buying vintage pocket watches is that each piece has its own unique history. Buyers cannot find the same quality, details, and craftsmanship of these older watches in most modern pieces. If you know what to look for, you can find vintage watches that display the highest standards of the watchmaking art at a reasonable price.

Aim to find an authentic, high-quality watch that functions in good operating condition. As a buyer, stick to pieces from quality makers with a visible logo, serial number, and movement size. Ensure that the watch runs well, without visible damage to the body, intricate gears, or inner mechanisms. Check with the seller to ensure there are no major mechanical issues. Restored or warranty-guaranteed options are ideal unless you plan to personally restore a pocket watch.

Consider the Material and Decoration

The buyer should know their taste and preferences when looking around for the right piece. Ergo, you will not find any standard recommendations regarding pocket watch material or decoration.

Do you prefer a simple, subtle finish? Or do you want to proudly show off something more ornate? Consider gold against stainless steel and plain against engraved designs. Keep in mind any regular servicing or cleaning the piece may require.

Purchase From a Reputable Source

Like other investment items, watches from well-known brands and manufacturers tend to provide the best quality and longevity. Purchasing from these places can save major hassles or headaches down the road. Experienced and reliable dealers will be able to answer any questions transparently for potential buyers.

Solvang Antiques is a trusted antique dealer of carefully-selected specialty items. We carry a curated collection of restored antique and vintage watches you can buy online. Peruse the current inventory on our site today for an heirloom timepiece that suits individual tastes and styles. These fascinating pieces are wonderful investments.

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