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Brown Is Back: Antique Furniture Purchases are Exploding

Haute Lifestyle, June 20, 2023

In the world of interior design, trends come and go. The reasons to buy antique furniture in 2023 include durability, timeless style, and “gravitas” in home decor. However, with the return of antique furniture comes scam artists attempting to pass off fakes as true antiques. That’s why novices must learn how to spot a fake antique. This will ensure that they fill their homes with authentic pieces.

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What Are the Best Antique Items to Invest Your Money In?

Geek Alabama, May 30, 2023

Investing in antiques is a fascinating way to learn about history and a potential means to grow your wealth. For many collectors and investors, vintage watches are the go-to antique items, and it’s easy to see why watches make good investments. These elegant timepieces often come steeped in rich stories and fine details that give them immense value. 

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Which Vintage Items are Most Likely to Increase in Value?

Man’Edged Magazine, May 8, 2023

Most collectors acquire items out of genuine interest or love for the items they collect. It doesn’t hurt to know which vintage items are most likely to increase in value over time than others. A vintage timepiece can be a good investment. It serves as a window into the past of style and analog technology, especially if it’s in good condition.

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How To Choose the Best Art for Each Room in Your Home

Rich Mom Life, April 17, 2023

Art is a great way to give your home character, but one piece doesn’t necessarily work everywhere. One major tip to remember when buying antique sculptures is that their prices can quickly increase. However, repairs are often more expensive than the sculptures themselves. To ensure you don’t spend more money than you need to on a sculpture or painting, keep the valuable pieces in rooms where your children don’t like to play.

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Things To Watch Out for When Buying Furniture Online

City of Creative Dreams, March 12, 2023

Shopping for furniture online can be both convenient and cost-effective. Whether you’re looking for a stylish new couch or an elegant dining room set, here are some things to watch out for when buying furniture online. If you’re buying a vintage or antique piece, it’s especially important to check the seller’s reputation and educate yourself on how to identify fake antiques.

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3 Ways To Improve Your Office Environment

2Urban Girls, February 9, 2023 Make your office a place you and your colleagues want to come to each day. When searching for pieces to hang on the walls, decide whether you want to invest in fine or commercial art. Both can be valuable and attractive. Commercial art pieces can be more whimsical, nostalgic, or design oriented. Fine art is more expressive of the artist’s individual vision. Read More

Ways To Gift Family Heirlooms Without Controversy

Lake Occonee Boomers, December 21, 2022

If there are items that are strongly associated with family tradition, make sure all your children are aware of the origins of pieces of jewelry, dish sets, or silver. Interest in family history is remarkably high among younger generations. If you’re passing on your father’s antique watch, add instructions on how to wear it and keep it in working condition. 

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Special Gifts for the Music Lover in Your Life

InThrill, December 16, 2022 Consider buying them something that no one else has. Antiques make excellent gifts because they’re unique and sometimes hard to find. Your dedication to hunting down the perfect antique gift shows them how much you care about them. There’s a lot you should consider before buying musical antiques, such as how rare they are and whether they still work. But so long as you keep your friend in mind, you can’t go wrong. Read More

Tips for Environmentally Responsible Gifting, December 13, 2022

Regifting has been reborn. This is particularly true of family heirlooms, such as music boxes, watches, China, and silver. Passing iconic family possessions from one generation to the next is a time-honored tradition and keeps antique and vintage items out of landfills and in the family. 

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How To Take Care of Vintage or Antique Jewelry

by Shea Rumoro, November 18, 2022

Vintage jewelry is a link to the past. One of the best ways to ensure your antique or vintage jewelry keeps its value is to have a professional jeweler clean your piece. A professional will be able to clean hard-to-reach areas that you might not be able to get. You might also consider cleaning your jewelry yourself periodically with a polishing cloth to remove everyday dust and lint buildups.

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