Instructions on how to submit an item for sale or consignment


Would Solvang Antiques be interested in buying or consigning an antique or artwork from me?

Solvang Antiques does both purchase and consign antiques and artworks from individuals. Please follow the instructions below for more information about how to submit an item for sale or consignment. Please allow at least seven business days for a response to your inquiry.

What is the difference between selling and consigning?

If you choose to consign an item with Solvang Antiques, you will be paid an agreed upon net amount on the 15th of the month after your item sells in our store. Solvang Antiques may be interested in purchasing your item outright. If this is the route you choose, you will be paid a proportionately lesser amount upfront. Please let us know if you are interested in consignment, outright sale or both, in your contact form.

What types of items does Solvang Antiques normally purchase or consign?

We carry a wide range of items in our store and on our website. We look for items of exceptional quality and condition, especially those that have a noted maker or possess an important provenance.

Items we would not be interested in:

  • Reproductions of any kind
  • Late 19th or 20th century silverplate unless accompanied by a significant provenance or noted maker
  • Single pieces of flatware, dinnerware or stemware (unless they have an important provenance or maker such as Hester Bateman or Galle)
  • Prints (unless signed by an important artist)
  • Mechanical objects (music boxes, clocks, automatons) that are not in working order, unless theĀ repair is minor
  • Large furniture items

If you have something you would like to offer us, please follow these instructions:

  • First contact us via ourĀ contact pageĀ and include information about what information you are seeking about which items. You will then be assigned to one of our on-staff experts.
  • Your assigned expert will then contact you and ask you to send good photos of the items. Detail photographs of any marks or signatures, along with close ups of the front, back and important features are helpful. For clocks and music boxes, shots of the movements are also appreciated.
  • Please also include any details you have about the item. History provenance, condition and documentation are very important in determining price. If you do have any documentation, please send a photograph or scan of those item(s) as well.
  • Tell us what price you expect to get for the item and whether you are interested in consignment, outright purchase, or both.
  • Please also include the current location of the item.

How to prepare photographs to send via email:

  • Save your images in jpg or low-resolution pdf format. Make sure your images do not exceed 3 mb in size (each). Please send as high quality photo as you can without going over the 3 mb limit per upload.
  • If your total attachments exceed 6 mb, please send a separate form for the rest of the images.
  • Use theĀ contact usĀ form and follow instructions to attach images. We have limited the numberĀ of images to upload to 2 to prevent server time out, if you have more, please refresh your browser and upload your additional images.

Does Solvang Antiques Offer Appraisal Services?

Solvang Antiques does not offer written appraisal services, but may be able to refer you to someone who does. If you would like to consign with us, we will help you establish values for your items. We will be happy to review your items, or refer you to a certified appraiser most suited to your particular needs. Please refer to the instructions above for sending images and item descriptions for the purposes of consignment. If you do not wish to consign, but are only seeking an appraisal, please refer to our links page.

What if I just need additional information about an item that I own?

Due to the number of inquiries that we receive on a regular basis, it is not possible for us to provide detailed information on every item that you may own, but we may be able to refer you to some resources that can help you. If you are interested in selling or consigning the item, please refer to the instructions above.

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