Tips for Hanging Antique Fine Art Pieces in Your Home

Tips for Hanging Antique Fine Art Pieces in Your Home

As the writer John Bartlett once noted, “An antique is anything old with class.” And nothing is as classy as antique fine art from past eras and generations. You know this to be true if you’ve ever walked into an art museum or gallery. Each awe-inspiring piece of fine art has the ability to capture personality, creativity, wonder, history, and characteristic emotion into a single, framed image.

Avid art admirers like to showcase art in their homes as well. Antique paintings or pieces of original art are classic decorative items to hang on your wall and display as one-of-a-kind masterpieces. But how do you choose the proper placement? Here are several tips for hanging antique fine art pieces in your home.

Placement: Consider the Context

Hanging antique fine art is a simple and elegant method to fill empty wall space. However, remember that the wall you use is just as significant as the artwork. For this reason, you must consider the context for correct placement. Is the wall narrow or wide? Taller or shorter? What size is the surrounding area? Where do your eyes traditionally rest when walking into the space?

The layout of the room, the presence of windows and doors, the height of the ceiling, the flooring integrity, and other details matter. Strive to find a space that provides adequate breathing room. Above all, avoid placing an antique or vintage piece in any location that could harm its value or cause damage. Beware of hanging art above a hot fireplace or radiator or in direct sunlight.

Framing: Choose a Frame Wisely

Be careful about your choice of frame when hanging antique fine art pieces in your home. A good, clean-lined frame is the key to curating a harmonious look and feel in the space. Smart framing and hardware decisions also protect a piece from damage or heat and light exposure.

Ergo, select an option that offers style and personality without taking attention away from the artwork itself. The goal is to create a cohesively designed appearance with a frame that acts as a steady anchor to the wall. The choice of simple or ornate framing can be entirely up to preference.

Focal Point: Hang the Piece at Eye Level

Another tip for hanging fine art lies in achieving the right height. As a general rule, the best practice is to place the painting or artwork on the wall at approximately eye level. Aim for the center point of the piece to be at the appropriate height in your space. The standard height placement for many museums and galleries is around 57″ to 60″ from the center to the floor. Keep this magic number in mind to maintain balance.

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