A Brief Guide to Jewelry Trends Over the Years

While the tone of the WWII era was somber, the retro style of the times was not. Using less-expensive materials was common, but many pieces featured impressive, semi-precious stones for an elegant look. Bold diamonds took center stage. Marilyn Monroe brought their long-lasting brilliance to the front page, found in every piece of jewelry under the sun.

The 1950s: Ultra-Feminine Drama
Following the war, the jewelry of the ‘50s is known today for its noticeably feminine style. Classic pearls, stunning gemstones, elaborate earrings, and intricate brooches maintained a touch of dramatic glamour. Matching ensemble sets of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings were trendy mid-century favorites, alongside playful feminine motifs of flows, butterflies, and bows.

The 1960s: Plastic and Practicality
The ‘60s were a time when conventional jewelry made the switch to modern functionality. Colorful, abstract, layered, and handmade pieces were a fairly common sight on screen and around town. Instead of sparkling big bling, women preferred milk glass, crystal plastic, and non-precious metal materials. We can’t forget to mention stacked-up bangles and cocktail rings!

The 1970s: Individual Statements
At a time when culture truly began to influence fashion trends, the ‘70s were full of vibrance and flash. Large, bold, gold, and mixed material pieces were all the rage of the disco style, alongside coral and colored quartz. A counterculture Bohemian style also hit the scene with more subdued, chic pieces. Either way, these individual statements highlighted personal style and personality.

Timeless Jewelry: The Beauty of Forever Fashion
A brief guide to jewelry trends over the years can’t cover every era in the book. Still, we’ve highlighted the appeal of classic trends that have withstood the test of time. Even in our modern era, you’re never fully dressed without a piece or two of sophisticated fine jewelry that reflects your personality and innate sense of style.

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