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The Music Evolution: Listening Over the Decades

Interesting Facts, Christina Duron, October 5, 2021

According to Hans Christian Anderson, “Where word fails, music speaks.” Once upon a time, the [saga of sound recording] began with the iconic phonograph. But how did everyday music consumption get to the YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music of today? Let’s take a closer look at the music evolution: listening over the decades.

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5 Ways To Bring Italian Style to Your Home

Kenna Real Estate, by Brian Burke, September 7, 2021

The ancient Romans were among history’s most accomplished sculptors—a tradition that continued upon the Italian peninsula throughout the Renaissance and up through the unification of the Italian city-states. For a surefire way to bring Italian style to your home, incorporate a classic antique statue that calls to mind the glory days of Rome, Florence, and Tuscany.

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Green Living: Why Antiques Are Good for the Planet

Levikeswick, August 31, 2021

When thinking about the core of green living, conserving resources is key. Reducing the waste of natural resources is why antiques are good for the planet. Many modern pieces have a shorter life cycle. Choosing to use items from the past minimizes pileups in landfills and soaring output emissions from new production.

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4 Creative Ideas for the Dream Home-Date Night

Adventures of a Frugal Mom, August 15, 2021

Get ready to jump that date night hurtle with these four creative ideas for the dream home-date night! Regardless of how y’all get the meal, make sure you set the scene in your house. Play some relaxing music, layout a nice tablecloth, and throw on your best clothes: anything from a dress shirt to a little black dress and some heels. And when it comes to accessories, you can still find ways to up your jewelry game despite staying indoors.

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Bring on the Bling: Things To Consider When Buying Jewelry

LAsThePlace, by Stephanie Ross, August 6, 2021

Jewelry shopping—especially online—is a ubiquitous experience. If you desire antique pieces, you can encounter even more one-of-a-kind jewelry from fine antique dealers or stores. Always consider quality and how often you will wear a piece before purchasing fine jewelry or timepiece items. Have background knowledge about basic wristwatch anatomy and jewelry care instructions.

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Styling Tips for Sophistication

All My Friend Are Models, July 18, 2021

If you’re still keen on how to dress classy, be cognizant of dressing for the occasion. The wrong choice will visibly articulate that you’ve miscalculated a situation. One of the top styling tips for sophistication is to emulate finesse by keeping with your surroundings. Prepare the right outfit for the moment with suitable accessories. Knowledge of how to mix and match jewelry is key for a collected presentation.

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Instant Ways to Level up your Fashion Game

GirlCrush Co, July 13, 2021

Shoes, necklaces, earrings, or even a classic watch can do the trick to align your outfit. The history of the wristwatch speaks to its enduring background as a timeless fashion piece. The idea is to let the statement piece you use become the fashion-forward focal point.

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Worthwhile Hobbies That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

UltiUber Life, June13, 2021

Think collecting is solely for kids? Think again. As a matter of fact, some of the most recent antique collecting trends hold high relevance in our society. In contemporary collecting, the thrill is absolutely in the chase. But having something you can someday sell or pass down makes the pastime a worthy investment.

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The Different Ways Art Influences Society

Mr Glitterati, by Ron Jones, June 3, 2021

For those who can’t simply teleport or remember what it felt like to be there, art provides a distinct feeling of realization that never fades away. This is why many people choose to collect art and learn how to build a fine art collection that tells a comprehensive story. Choosing shapes, forms, textures, colors, and images that produce historical intrigue and strike visual messages creates depth and dimensions in one’s life.

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How To Add Historic Charm to Any Home

The Design Tourist, May 13, 2021

Learn how to decorate with unique antique busts and sculptures. Utilize juxtaposition with mid-century art or collectible objects. These vintage pieces are not time-capsule traps—rather, they’re marvelous ways to lend a layer of history to a living space.

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