How To Decorate With Antique Sculptures and Busts


How To Decorate With Antique Sculptures and Busts

Introducing a bust or sculpture into your décor is an instantaneous method to add sophistication, individuality, and elegance into any room. Whether your style is more eclectic, artfully inspired, or traditionally vintage, a single statue can come to life within the interiors of your home. Antique sculpture is a unique artistic element that grants a glimpse of humanity undetectable within abstract art or modern touch.

Antique busts and sculptures lend a historical presence, and when used as décor, become a beautiful vignette of the past and present today. Here’s a look at how to decorate with antique sculptures and busts in your home.

Humanize a Space: Add Layers To Scale Size

Incorporating a classic feel or old-world presence into your home’s interiors is possible with the addition of antique goods, collectibles, and furniture. Moreover, to truly transform your space, you need to pay awareness to architecture. What better way to do so than with stunning antique sculptures, statues, or busts that can fit well with your existing aesthetic? The presence of an architectural bust is strong yet playful and creates a layer of space that is monumental and humanistic all the same.

Where To Display: Shift Its Design Scope

Historically, owners of beautiful homes displayed sculptural busts with pride and excellence in rooms such as grand halls, libraries, foyers, stairways, or cutouts within hallways. Nowadays, these pieces are perfect to amp up your decoration in the casual formality of your home. You can place classical antique sculptures on tables, chests, consoles, bookshelves, or dressers as decorative accents to make your interiors museum-esque.

Curious about how to decorate with antique sculptures and busts? What works for one’s interiors may not work for another’s. Be creative and innovative with your space and art—you may need to move the design piece around to find the ideal placement. No place is truly off-limits with such an unexpected three-dimensional design element. The sculpture will let you know it’s in the right place when it becomes a supplementary highlight of your aesthetic theme.

Choose the Sculpture Wisely: A Perfect Match

Antique sculptures and busts are not like ordinary mass-produced decorative items in contemporary stores. These artistic pieces may not be functional by themselves, but their presence emits a greater prominence than modern trinkets. Since they are made from stone, marble, or bronze, they give off an instant sense of weight, color, interest, and texture that a display or corner of the room may be lacking.

When shopping around for a sculpture, ensure that it’s a piece with a soul that speaks directly to you. For those searching for antique bronze sculptures for sale, look no further than Solvang Antiques. Our fine art selection contains handmade pieces by refined artisans of the past. These artisans used luxurious materials and meticulous attention to detail for their cultural creations. Browse our collection of one-of-a-kind masterpieces to add a taste of cultivated dimension and form to your living space today.

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