Mix and Match: How To Up Your Jewelry Game

Mix and Match: How To Up Your Jewelry Game

Each person is unique in that they have their own fashion tastes and preferences. Yet your jewelry box or holder undoubtedly contains a variety of fine pieces spanning multiple trends, decades, price lines, styles, and aesthetics. Even the most experienced fashionistas on the block can struggle to take on the jewelry accessorizing agenda. A versatile collection of fine jewelry—both vintage and contemporary—poses a strikingly arduous challenge: how can you fuse pieces together for a cohesive presentation?

No etiquette for mixing and matching diverse pieces exists within the dos and don’ts of the jewelry coordination rulebook. That said, do keep certain factors in mind when selecting the fine jewelry you wear. Your mission is to radiate a refined look of confidence, beauty, and moxie no matter the occasion. Here are a few guidelines on the superlative mix and match: how to up your jewelry game.

Create a Color Palette: Mix Metals, Stones, and Cuts

Creating your entire ensemble each day is an art form in itself. Understanding how to mix and match an array of metals, stones, and timeless vintage and modern trends is key to pulling together a fluid style. Curating a coordinating color palette of pieces is certainly one innovative way to up your jewelry game. You must mix trends tastefully to dress up your arms, fingers, or neck.

Don’t be afraid to combine finishes of gold, silver, copper, and even rose gold for an eclectic look. Add pops of color with rings or bracelets by stacking different stones and cuts that appear smartly together. Finer jewelry from past eras instantly strikes as a tad more modern while simultaneously maintaining its true beauty and classic charm.

Don a Statement Piece: Layer Big With Little

Opting for a single, solitary statement piece with subdued, subtle side pieces easily completes a pronounced yet uniform look. As a general rule, keep it simple with similar metals if choosing to go big from the get-go with a bold necklace, striking ring, chunky bracelet, or sleek watch. Conversely, if there is not one statement piece to work with, layer bigger pieces with smaller ones for an equally beautiful look. Pay particular attention to vintage jewelry to stay classy instead of tawdry while still matching.

Be Timeless: Incorporate Quality Matching Jewelry

Wearing high-quality vintage jewelry with your everyday outfits is simply one way to make a stunning statement. Essentially, you are not following the script but remaining confident in your stylistic choices. If you are a lover of layering, arraying vintage jewelry adds a questionless touch of flair and excellence to your presentation. Vintage fine jewelry can come from family heirlooms, your grandmother’s or mother’s jewelry boxes, or quality resellers.

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