A Celebration of Antique Glass

Vintage and antique glass is perfect as a holiday or birthday gift, or as a centerpiece for your home. Read along and learn about all different types of vintage glass, from Tiffany to Lalique.

Louis Comfort Tiffany Favrile Glass Bowl and Plate

Tiffany Glass

Louis Comfort Tiffany is one of the most famous glassmakers, and the antique glass works of Tiffany Studios are still being collected today. Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany, started Tiffany Studios in 1878. Particularly significant is the patented Favrile glass, an iridescent type of art glass influenced by methods from hundreds of years ago. It is characterized by its unique rainbow shine.

Glass Vase by Tiffany Studios, circa 1895
Fluted Glass Bowl by Tiffany Studios, circa 1910

Antique Castor Sets

Castor or cruet sets were used from the seventeenth century to the mid-20th century. Consisting of glass bottles and often silver plated, these sets were essential elements to the table setting. These sets held bottles or jars that contained condiments like salt, pepper, mustard, vinegar, sugar, and oil. Often, in wealthy households, these sets would be ornately designed and contained upwards of fifteen bottles.

English Eight Bottle Castor Set, circa 1850
American Rogers Silver Co. Castor Set, circa 1880


Rene Lalique, born in 1860, is known for Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass and jewelry design. Lalique art glass is widely coveted for its eclectic design and motifs of mythology and nature. Today, the Lalique glass factory founded in 1921 makes many types of glass, from vases to dinner plates.

Ondines Pattern Crystal Vase by Lalique
Crystal Sylvie Vase by Lalique

Antique Pickle Castors

The purpose of Victorian pickle castors is just that – to store pickles. These pickle castors in the 1800s were designed very ornately and often became the centerpiece of the table. They fell out of fashion around 1900, making these pieces a unique collector’s item from a time gone by. Pickle castors were also found in many different colors of glass!

Cranberry Glass Pickle Castor, circa 1880
Hartford Silver Co. Glass Pickle Castor, circa 1875
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