A Celebration of Tiffany Glass

Louis Comfort Tiffany created some of the most beautiful and enchanting glass in American history. Here, you will learn a little bit more about his endeavors and see some exquisite examples of his work.

Art Glass Vase in Aurene Tapered Shape. Click the photo to learn more.

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) was once of America’s premier glass artists. His career flourished from the 1870s to the 1920s and spanned several mediums from glass to jewelry.

He was the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany (1812-1902), who was the founder of Tiffany and Company, which became one of the most renowned jewelry and silver companies.

Favrile Glass Bowl and Plate. Click the photo to learn more.

Tiffany began his career as a painter, but in the late 1870s turned his attention to the decorative arts, as well as interior design.

In 1892, he built a glass house in Queens, New York, working with Arthur Nash, a skilled glassworker from Stourbridge, England. His furnaces developed glass where different colors were blended together in the molten state. Recalling the Old English word febrile (meaning: hand-wrought), Tiffany named the glass Favrile. Tiffany’s Favrile glass enabled craftsmen to not only create tonal graduations, but even “paint with glass” to design pictures within the glass itself.

Louis Comfort Tiffany and his Tiffany Studios would go on to become increasingly famous, not only for his Favrile and leaded glass, but also lighting, jewelry and more.



Below are some stunning examples of Tiffany vases, bowls, lighting and more.

Click the photos to find out more about each item.

Favrile Art Glass Tazza
Favrile Footed Bowl With Original Label
Pair of Tiffany Art Glass Candlestick Lamps
Three Piece Desk Set in Pine Needle
Favrile Art Glass Vase
Favrile Art Glass Fluted Bowl


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