Ways That Cold Weather Can Affect Your Watch

Ways That Cold Weather Can Affect Your Watch

A watch is a symbol telling of enduring elegance, signature style, and classic character. These beloved timepieces have been worn on people’s wrists for centuries and developed further over time due to changes in fashion trends and advancements in technology. A watch is an object that tells a distinct story, teaching the world to use our time valuably—and not let time use us.

All things considered, donning a sentimental timepiece regularly comes with a few considerations for proper care. Fluctuations in weather conditions are one such factor that may influence the status of a watch. How so? Let’s take a closer look at a few ways that cold weather can affect your watch.

The Temperate Conditions of Timepieces

You may wonder: is there a standard for the temperatures a well-built watch should be able to withstand? By and large, you will find an average range of ambient temperatures to keep your watch in. Often, the locality you live in becomes the standard environment for the watch.

Yet not all timepieces function similarly in the same weather or climatic conditions. Temperate circumstances are ideal for the majority of timepieces, especially vintage. Sudden seasonality or location changes can disrupt their usual functioning.

Lower Temperatures Can Induce Time Change

You may notice a variation in mechanical accuracy due to temperature changes. Gaining time is one of the universal ways that cold weather can affect your watch. Lower temperatures in colder climates can cause possible malfunctioning. The shift in seconds is due to the mechanics of the watch.

Some types of watches use oils with a greater tolerance for temperature diversity than others, while others may need additional lubrication or windings for full mechanical functioning. Certain brands offer watches fit for more diverse or extreme temperatures.

Exposure to Frigid Conditions Can Affect Internal Gears

In extreme circumstances where oils freeze up within a watch, the gears will eventually stop and potentially break. Fortunately, there’s no need for general watch wearers to worry about the effects of freezing temperatures on the electronic circuitry of their pieces—unless endeavoring on an expedition to the Arctic, that is.

All the while, precaution is essential in colder climates to protect your watch for the long term. Be sure to protect your piece wisely and cover it up safely during the varying seasons of the year. You can further inquire about the particular make or model of the timepiece to learn more about its care, maintenance, and limitations in diverse environments.

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