Pocket Watches and Chains

Our antique pocket watches and chains add charm and intrigue to any timepiece collection. Invest now in a piece that will gain even more value over time.

Rare California Gold Quartz Watch Chain
Antique American rare California gold quartz watch chain, circa 1870. This watch chain has California...
Antique English M J Tobias 18K gold pocket watch, circa 1860. This antique open face...
Antique Hampden yellow gold open face manual pocket watch, circa 1904. This Hampden unisex 10...
Antique Swiss 18K yellow gold pocket watch by James Bonnet Neuchatel, engine turned hunter case...
Antique Swiss open face pocket watch by Black Starr & Frost in 14 karat yellow...
Antique Swiss Omega military chronograph pocket watch, circa 1920. This antique chronograph pocket watch by...
Vintage Swiss Longines travel alarm pocket watch, circa 1930. This stainless steel pocket watch by...
Antique Rockford rare oversized pocket watch, circa 1880. This yellow gold filled oversized pocket watch...
Antique Swiss Gruen 14k open face dress pocket watch, circa 1925. This 14 karat yellow...
Antique JW Benson rolled gold half hunter case pocket watch, circa 1910. This antique pocket...
Antique Swiss Bautte & Co ladies 18K pocket watch, circa 1850. This 18 karat yellow...
Antique American Howard 14K white gold pocket watch, circa 1910. This 14 karat white gold...
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Fine antique pocket watches aren’t just handsome and intriguing, they’re also excellent investments. When you look at these antique and vintage pocket watches and chains, you’ll be amazed at the detail and care that went into making each one.


If you love collecting timepieces, you know that many of these watches will continue to gain value the longer you hold onto them. What this means is that you can enjoy the watches now and then pass them on to your family members so that they can enjoy the valuable collection for years to come.


We have an amazing array of pocket watches and chains perfect for anyone from the novice collector to the experienced dealer. Browse our antique and vintage selection now to find the perfect gift, or addition for your collection.

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