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A watch is a symbol telling of enduring elegance, signature style, and classic character. These beloved timepieces have been worn on people’s wrists for centuries and developed further over time due to changes in fashion trends and advancements in technology. A watch is an object that tells a distinct story, teaching the world to use […]

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Stemming from the Latin word sculpere, the word “sculpture” means “to carve.” As one of the oldest persisting visual art forms, sculptures are more than merely stunning objects to gaze upon. Due to their representational lifelikeness, freestanding sculptures have the ability to tell stories about people, places, perceptions, and past eras unlike any other artistic […]

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As fashion icon Iris Apfel once remarked, “Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.” No other accessories have the distinct ability to provide that punch of pure individuality—whether they are contemporary or classic. This is why vintage jewelry trends are the greatest treasures of bygone eras. As we roll over to a fresh […]

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The Benefits of Fine Art in the Workplace

December 10, 2021 3:43 pm

As the novelty and necessity of remote work wear off, offices are slowly but surely coming back to life. However, increased foot traffic and occupied desks aren’t enough to truly liven up the workplace. Have you considered what art can add to the space? Here are a few of the benefits of fine art in […]

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Linguist Noam Chomsky once remarked that “language is a process of free creation.” The English language is no exception, as displayed through its fascinating eccentrics and complex intricacies. You’ll find a slew of terms out there that are relatable on paper yet not entirely interchangeable in context. This situation relates directly to adjectives used to […]

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