Artist Spotlight: Betty Carr

Our Spring Art Show has begun! We’re excited to be showcasing so many different artists from the West and around the country. One of these artists is an accomplished painter from Arizona, Betty Carr.

Vernazza, Italy

As a professional artist throughout her distinguished career, she has traveled extensively, gathering inspirational subject matter through her plein air painting experiences. Carr is the author of acclaimed instructional book, Seeing the Light: An Artist’s Guide, and her work has been featured in numerous books including Creative Composition & Design; The Painter’s Workshop; Splash 5; and Painter’s Quick Reference books: Flowers; Landscapes; and, Flower Pocket Pal. Her work is featured in the recent book, Sedona’s Best Artists.

Garden Passages

Betty Carr received her Masters in Fine Art from San Jose State University and has taught painting and sculpture for many years. She has most recently been selected as a Master Artist in the American Impressionist Society (AISM signature).

Italian Retreat in Abbazia de San Fruitoso

Her painting, Autumn Vineyards, won the prestigious award at the Sedona Plein Air Festival, as winning label for Alcantara Vineyard’s new Spring blend wine label. She has been featured in Southwest Art, Art of the West, Workshop Magazine-American Artist, Watercolor Magazine, American Artist, International Artist and Art Talk, and was also the cover artist for Southwest Art magazine, June issue 2010.

Sparkling Celebration

Carr is a signature member of Knickerbocker Society of Artists and Arizona Plein Air Painters. Her painting Morning at Jerome will be the cover of a new book on Arizona and Arizona artists where she and her husband Howard’s work will appear. She has received numerous juried awards, as well as, exhibited in major exhibitions and galleries throughout the country, along with being the juror in many fine art exhibitions.

Mixed Bouquet

The primary focus of her work showcased in this year’s Spring Art Show are the street scenes of Italy. Her vibrant paintings transport the viewer to a tranquil harbor, a brilliant fireworks show, or a bustling street. Throughout all her work, there are beautiful color combinations that are pleasing to the eye. We are thrilled to be showcasing an artist such as Betty, bringing life and color to this Spring Art Show.

Morning Roundup

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