Antiques in the Home: Dining

Whether you're entertaining a small group of friends or having a lavish dinner party, creating a memorable dining room is essential.

These antiques bring unique history and character to any dining setup.

Reed & Barton Spanish Baroque Sterling Silver Flatware

Reed & Barton Spanish Baroque Sterling Silver Flatware


The first step to creating a stunning dining area is choosing the right furniture. A dining table of mahogany or oak is the perfect stage for an antique china set, a silver tea set or a lavish centerpiece. The beautiful mahogany dining table below is a great way to decorate your space.

English Drop Leaf Mahogany Table

English Mahogany Drop Leaf Table


Antique silver is essential for a beautiful dining setup. It is also very durable with the correct care. Use vintage flatware like the Wallace set below to bring elegance to the table, or use George III silver tableware to bring even more luxury to your next dinner gathering. The below tea kettle dates back to 1817 and is made by the famous silversmiths Alice and George Burrows.

American Wallace 162 Piece Sterling Silver Flatware Set

American Wallace 162 Piece Sterling Silver Flatware Set

English Sterling Silver Kettle by Alice and George Burrows


Antique and vintage glass can add beauty and luxury to your dining room. Use vintage glass vases or bowls for your centerpieces, or entertain a small gathering with a decanter set. Lalique glass, like the vase below, is perfect for a dinner party; the whimsical and enchanting designs bring unique character to a space.

Ondines Pattern Crystal Vase by Lalique

French Tantalus Set With Rosewood Box

French Tantalus Set With Rosewood Box, circa 1890


Acquiring the right lighting for a dining room is a must. Chandeliers are perfect for a large, open space. The cascading crystal chandelier below works doubly as a lighting fixture and as the room’s eye-catching centerpiece. If extra lighting is needed, consider adding a candelabra or two on a side table.

American Cascading Crystal Chandelier

American Cascading Crystal Chandelier

European Pair of Five Light Brass Candelabras

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