Animal Antiques

Throughout history, artisans of all cultures have incorporated animals into their work. From birds and bees to dogs and lions, these animal antiques have enchanted collectors for years.

American Hand Painted Wooden Carousel Horse Attributed Stein and Goldstein

Painting and Sculpture

The first art pieces created by humankind incorporated animals. Nowadays, it is easy to find a piece of art depicting any animal of your choosing. A significant piece of art from our collection is the below painting Terriers Ratting in a Barn by George Armfield. Armfield was famous for his charming depictions of hunting dogs, rabbits, and foxes.

Terriers Ratting in a Barn, George Armfield
English Print Avocettinus Eurypterus by John Gould
Gilt Bronze Statue of a Cossack on Rearing Horse

Jewelry and Watches

Animals have been incorporated in jewelry since the Ancient Egyptians. Gem-studded designs featuring birds, lions, dogs, and more make up a large portion of vintage and antique jewelry. Antique watches often incorporate animals designs as well. The pocket watch below, designed for the Indian market in 1880, includes a dramatic bird design.

2.25 CTW Sapphire and Diamond Dog Pin
2.10 CTW Diamond Bird Design Pocket Watch
Turquoise Flying Bird Brooch
Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond Lion Brooch

Clocks and Furniture

Animal designs in clocks and furniture can bring a unique character to a piece. The Art Deco era three piece clock below incorporates a sculpture of a hunting dog as its centerpiece. The walnut buffet below is very ornately carved, and includes a small design of a dragon near its base. The Empire era clock by Bergmiller below incorporates a design of a griffin, a mythical creature combining an eagle and a lion.

French Three Piece Marble Clock Set
Bergmiller French Empire Mantel Clock
European Ornately Carved Walnut Buffet


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