Types of Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

Types of Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

There are a lot of different engagement ring styles and settings to choose from. When you decide to pop the question and ask the love of your life to spend eternity with you, it’s critical you take their preference and taste in mind when choosing the ring. You’re not only asking them to spend their life with you, but you’re asking them to wear the ring as a symbol of your love every single day—so it should a ring they love. Discover the types of vintage engagement ring settings you can choose from.

Cluster Settings | Popular in 1780s, 1870s, and 1900s

The cluster setting is one that highlights a center stone with surrounding smaller stones. The center stone and the surrounding stones are typically different gems, with the center usually being a non-diamond stone such as a sapphire or ruby, and the surrounding being diamonds. This style is often mistaken for the halo setting, which is a more modern cluster-inspired setting.

Box Settings | Popular in 1920s

In an era where art deco styles reigned, the box setting found a home. A square setting and a round center diamond are the starring marks of a box setting. There are typically accent stones in the corners of the box setting to help highlight and sharpen the center stone’s appearance. This is a subtle, yet bold way to have hints of the 20s in your engagement.

Three Stone Settings | Popular in 1840s, 1890s, and 1930s

The three stone setting is perfect for the person who loves bling. The traditional way to create a beautiful three stone setting ring is by using three center stones, or three stones of nearly the same size. The actual center stone may tend to be slightly larger than the other two, but not drastically different.

Four Prong Settings | Popular in 1920s, and Today

This is the more modern of vintage engagement ring style settings. A four prong setting allows for tons of surface area for the main diamond. It’s a perfect setting for a round or princess cut diamond and provides space for accent stones and more intricate designs.

There are many more types of engagement ring settings to choose from. Browse our online selection of antique vintage engagement rings at Solvang Antiques for more and to find the perfect ring for your love.

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