Staff Picks: July

The Staff Picks for this month include Tiffany silver, antique cut glass, music boxes and more! Read on and find out what our dedicated staff is loving this month.

American Brilliant Cut Glass Period Parlor Lamp by Bergen, circa 1895-1915

This month, the above cut glass parlor lamp is a Staff Pick from Kathy. 

“It is an American Brilliant cut glass piece made by JD Bergen from 1895-1915. He trained in New York City and in the New England area. That is exactly where I grew up,” she says about this piece. “I can only imagine how different New York City was back at the turn of the century, and I love that this item is still with after traveling to us all the way to California in perfect condition and ready to use today.” 

Oil on Linen The Flower Shop by Howard Carr

This month, salesperson Judith has chosen a vibrant painting from Howard Carr entitled The Flower Shop. Judith says: “This colorful painting is just the splash of dazzling color needed to pick up happy feelings of summer. Howard uses such bold brush strokes, full of rich color, and lays them down with seemingly spontaneous results.”

Rare Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Sword Cocktail Picks

Salesman Michael has chosen a rare set of sterling silver Tiffany cocktail picks this month! 

“When I’m entertaining my friends during happy hour, I like to utilize my Tiffany cocktail picks for the perfect martini garnish,” he says. “This item is a classy addition to any host/hostess bar setup.”

Swiss Cylinder Music Box with Rosewood Case and Table

Misty has chosen a beautiful rosewood cylinder music box and table dating to 1885.

Misty says about this piece: “The sound is fantastic with mandoline pinning and long play fat cylinder. The detailed inlay features whimsical fairies, so unique! It is also in “like new” condition.”

American Double Comb Porter Disc Music Box and Cabinet

Vida has also chosen a music box for her July Staff Pick.

“I am just crazy about this music box,” she says. “It sounds great, and it is also a beautiful piece of furniture.”  Listen to this music box by clicking the photo above!

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