Jewelry for Winter

Accessorize this winter with brooches and gemstone pendants, along with January and February birthstones! Read on and find the perfect piece for your winter wardrobe.

Platinum 2.75 CTW Diamond Scarf Pin


A brooch is a great way to accessorize. For extra glamour, choose a diamond or colored stone brooch. The Art Deco brooch shown is a beautiful piece, and the yellow gold diamond brooch is a stunning antique piece of jewelry from the Victorian Era. Or, choose an item by a well-known designer, such as the Tiffany & Co. sapphire and diamond crescent brooch below.

1920s Tiffany & Co. Diamond and Sapphire Crescent Moon Pin
2.14 CTW Diamond Victorian Brooch, circa 1870
Platinum and Diamond Filigree Pin, circa 1930

Gemstone Pendants

Pendants are a great way to accessorize for this season. Surrounded by a halo of diamonds, these gemstone pendants shine with vibrant color. Make a statement with the 26.85 carat aquamarine pendant below, or choose something smaller, like the oval emerald or imperial topaz pendants shown.

26.85 Carat Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant
6.0 Carat Oval Emerald and Diamond Pendant
Rare 3.12 Carat Imperial Topaz and Diamond Pendant

Garnets for January

Garnet, the traditional birthstone for January, is found in a multitude of colors. However, the deep red garnet is the most common and the most popular. Treasured since medieval times, this stone brings beautiful color to any winter ensemble. Choose a statement garnet ring, or wear cabochon garnets like the earrings below.

1.80 Carat Oval Garnet and Diamond Ring
5.0 CTW Garnet Ring
27.74 CTW Cabochon Garnet Earrings

Amethyst for February

Amethyst, a stunning purple-hued gemstone, is the birthstone for February. This stone, used in jewelry since ancient times, was believed to bring clarity of mind to the wearer. Amethyst also is a great accessory for the winter months. The amethyst and diamond earrings, or amethyst and pearl necklace below are beautiful pieces for winter, as is this amethyst and diamond floral design ring.

3.60 CTW Amethyst and Diamond Ring
20 Carat Amethyst and Cultured Pearl Necklace
14.31 CTW Amethyst and Diamond Earrings

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