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January’s birthstone is Garnet, a beautiful gem with a history as deep and rich as its color.

Read along and learn more about January’s birthstone, as well as some garnet pieces from our collection of antique and estate jewelry.

Red is the most common color of garnets. However, garnets are found in many colors, including green, purple and even blue. The tsavorite garnet, for example, is a green color. Other garnets include spessarite garnets (orange) and rhodolite garnets (purple).

3.25 Carat Heart Cut Garnet Ring With Diamonds

Garnets have been found in use in ancient Egypt, thousands of years ago. Since then, they have been used in fine jewelry in ancient Rome, and have been prized in the Middle Ages as trading gems.

2.72 Carat Total Weight Garnet and Pearl Ring
1.90 CTW Trillion Garnet Earrings With Diamonds

In 1500s Europe, a garnet deposit was found, and it put garnet back in the spotlight as a treasured and cherished gem. Its height of popularity was the Victorian era, where it was found all over Europe and America in necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Garnet jewelry makes a thoughtful gift for anyone with a birthday in January. See below for more selections from our collection of garnet jewelry.

Garnet and Diamond 10K Gold Ring
10K Gold Oval Garnet Ring
0.75 Carat Total Weight Garnet and Opal Ring

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