Diamonds vs. Gems: What To Choose for an Engagement Ring

Diamonds vs. Gems: What To Choose for an Engagement Ring

When it comes time to pop the question and ask the love of your life to spend eternity with you, you must first choose a ring. The ring you choose to propose with should symbolize your lasting love and encourage that coveted “yes!” from your partner. One main predicament many people find themselves in is wondering about diamonds vs. gems and what to choose for an engagement ring.

Diamonds: The Benefits

Diamonds are very traditional choices for engagement rings. Diamonds are so popular in engagement ring settings that many people only wear diamond rings as engagement rings. Check out some of the top draws of a diamond engagement ring:

  • Diamonds are timeless traditions.
  • They’re symbols of luxury.
  • They’re durable for everyday wear.
  • They’re the most versatile stone for any outfit, as they’re colorless.

Other Gems: The Advantages

Diamonds are traditional stones for engagement rings, but you’re not required to propose with a diamond ring. The ring you propose with should reflect the love you and your partner share, which is unique to you as a couple. Discover some advantages of a gemstone engagement ring:

  • Gem engagement rings are unique.
  • They’re often more cost effective than diamonds.
  • They’re bright and vibrant in color.
  • They’re more personal, as you can choose your partner’s favorite gemstone.

When in Doubt: Ask Your Partner

If you’re still having doubts about what to choose for an engagement ring: diamonds vs. gems, talk to your partner. Your partner is the one who will wear this ring every day for the rest of their life. Discuss what they’d prefer when the time comes to get engaged, and listen to their preferences.

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