Creative Ways To Display Your Antique Sculptures at Home

Creative Ways To Display Your Antique Sculptures at Home

As interior designer Albert Hadley once said, “Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being.” Along these lines, decorating a home with vintage and antique items comes from a deep desire to connect. To tie the historical past with the reality of the present. To richly nourish our spaces and the people who inhabit them.

Antique art provides perspective on our place in the world, seamlessly blending ornate beauty with unique personality. The right decorative piece can bring a space to life with context and narrative, especially a 3D sculpture. A displayed sculpture adds a supplementary layer of intrigue to a room that no other art form can provide. How so? Let’s consider this topic further in our curated list of creative ways to display your antique sculptures at home.

Create a Cleverly Showcased Centerpiece

Sculpture is a form of art expressively used to convey a vast scope of human emotions, from exuberant joy to delicate tenderness—and from violent anger to deep sadness. No sculpture deserves to be plopped on a piece of furniture solely to become a dust collector.

Consider the potential presentation of a sculpture as a centerpiece or statement piece. Antique pieces have a mystic power to incorporate whimsical interest into any room. Use your imagination. You can display a single sculpture on or below a table, desk, or bench. Otherwise, strive to coordinate the art piece with other curated vintage elements or colorful greenery.

Consider Shape and Size for Cabinets, Curios, or Cloches

On the subject of creativity, keep an open mind about the possible placements of the piece. The options are limitless depending on its specific shape and size. Instead of displaying the sculpture directly out in the open, you can opt for the route of a protective cabinet or curio that perfectly fits the piece. You could even use a cloche—glass dome—over smaller sculptures for an awe-striking, museum-worthy exhibition.

Use Sophisticated Shelving or Built-Ins

Sculptures make wonderful accent pieces in built-ins or on shelving units. The key with this type of antique art is to use juxtaposition. A well-positioned sculpture can add subtle character through tone, texture, and tactful arrangement. For this reason, floating shelves are one of the creative ways to display your antique sculptures at home, even more so for larger pieces that would look cluttered elsewhere. This display a la mode provides a prominent element of timeless decoration.

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