Buying Antiques Online vs In-Store: Which Is Best for You?

Buying Antiques Online vs In-Store: Which Is Best for You?

Heading out for a day trip to go “antiquing” is a passion for many people. A country drive adds to the charm. But for some shoppers, finding their desired item is more enjoyable when shopping from the comfort of home. When choosing between shopping for antiques online vs. in-store, which is best for you depends on your antiquing style.

Find Exactly What You Want vs. Visiting Multiple Stores

If you know the exact piece you’re looking for, shopping online provides convenience and saves energy. Shopping online also makes comparison shopping easier. You can find similar or identical items from several sources and compare prices.

The downside to shopping online may be that you aren’t able to inspect the piece that interests you before you buy it. But online antique stores depend on their reputation for quality. The pieces you’ll find antiquing online at Solvang Antiques have been carefully vetted and appraised by third-party appraisers and are sought out by those who sell or consign their items to us.

Reduce Impulse Buying vs. Fortuitous Discoveries

Anyone in love with antiquing knows the risks of impulse buying. You set out for a day trip looking for one item within your budget and come home with a carload of objects that total far more than what you planned to spend. Online antiquing tends to minimize impulse buying.

On the other hand, one of the joys of antiquing is the discovery of a hidden gem or a long-sought-after piece in an unexpected place. If you love the detective work of searching through piles of estate pieces for that rare and valuable find but don’t have the time to journey to a country estate, in-store shopping might be a great alternative.

Shipping vs. Schlepping

When you exit the store with your item intact, you’ll still have to get it home in one piece. This can be especially challenging for large pieces of furniture, statues, or standing clocks.

You may have to trust a shop owner to wrap and protect the piece, ship it, and ensure its timely and undamaged delivery to your home or find a reputable shipper yourself. You’ll also be on your own to find insurance for the piece during transportation.

Online antique stores know that shipping and delivering their offerings safely to purchasers is critical to their business. They will ensure your pieces are properly wrapped and protected and entrusted to an experienced shipper that knows how to handle antiques. You’ll pay for shipping and insurance, but you’ll be working with a dealer who has carefully chosen shippers and insurance to protect your piece.

Shopping for antiques online vs. in-store and deciding which is best for you will come down to personal preference. You don’t have to exclusively do one or the other, either. So, make an appointment to visit Solvang Antiques in the charming village of Solvang, California, and make a day of it! Then go home, grab your laptop, and settle into a deep dive of our collections for more items like those you admired during your visit.

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