6 Vintage Jewelry Trends To Pay Attention to in 2022

6 Vintage Jewelry Trends To Pay Attention to in 2022

As fashion icon Iris Apfel once remarked, “Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.” No other accessories have the distinct ability to provide that punch of pure individuality—whether they are contemporary or classic. This is why vintage jewelry trends are the greatest treasures of bygone eras.

As we roll over to a fresh year of possibilities, a number of past trends are expecting a popular revival in the wearable jewelry market. Let’s take a closer look at six vintage jewelry trends to pay attention to in 2022. Here are the top must-haves.

Finger Fashion: Classy Carved or Cocktail Rings

With designs that never go out of style, rings are key accessories for men and women alike. That being said, certain styles are on the up-and-coming trends list. One such design is gypsy or menswear-inspired rings. Popular with younger crowds, these carved or subtle setting rings look best worn and chunky.

On the other hand, bigger is also better with cocktail rings. Bold rings with larger-set gemstones are ideal statement pieces to rock in the new year. Vintage shops and sites will carry varying rings with unique stones and settings.

Shiny and Sleek: Chain-Link Necklaces

Chain-link detailing is another of the six vintage jewelry trends to pay attention to in 2022. Perfect for everyday shenanigans, these effortlessly sleek and shiny pieces are superior to accessorize any outfit. Layering several thinner necklaces is still common, yet larger chain chokers are a major trending upgrade.

Ear Charm: Hoop Earrings

Each trend tells a story that new designs cannot possess. Hoop earrings are interestingly perennial, maintaining a distinctive cool factor throughout the years regardless of shape or size. When purchased vintage—especially from the ‘70s—these jewelry pieces offer a modern appeal with a spark of classic character.

Elegant Pearls: Formal and Festive

For instant adornment to any outfit, no one can go wrong with the classic allure of vintage pearls. Growing steadily in interest again, pearls offer elegance for formal and festive occasions alike. Baroque pearls rank higher in popularity due to their asymmetric shape and stand-out size.

Vibrant and Playful: Whimsical, Colored Stones

Cue the color: colorful charms and stones are a vintage jewelry trend resonating with more maximalist styles. Taking cues from the ‘60s, this vibrant trend utilizes the most striking pieces for a bright and glitzy aesthetic. Especially for spring, these whimsical tonal sets of brooches, earrings, bracelets, rings, or necklaces are sure to be commodities making a strong comeback.

Wristwear: Bangle Bracelets

Any capsule jewelry box needs staple wristwear. Bangles are a beautiful balance of lavish luxury and playful presentation that are now the wristwear of choice. Hinged bangles are chic options offering ultra-simple charm and comfort.

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