Antiques for Beginners: Tips for New Collectors

Antiques for Beginners: Tips for New Collectors

Antique collecting and selling is a very enjoyable and unique hobby to get into. It can even become a successful business if you can discover the right finds to turn around for a profit. However, there are some specific pieces of information you’ll be wise to remember when you’re new to the game. Learn some important tips for new antique collectors by reading below.

There’s a Difference Between Antique and Vintage

An item that is vintage is older than 50 years. Items around this age or newer are commonly sold as antiques even though they’re technically not. Antiques are classified as items that are over 100 years old. Many sellers ignore this distinction, however, to better hook customers. The term antique comes with prestige and higher prices, so many stores will call items antique even though they are only vintage, or even newer.

Condition of an Item Is Everything

When you’re looking to buy and sell an antique, the item’s condition will always impact its value on the market. You’ll need to research the antique in guides or look online to find its current value. Looking online is wise, especially if the item is not in mint condition. You might be able to find examples of the same item that other people are selling online in a similar condition to yours. Wear and tear on an item will devalue it. How much it devalues the item depends on the amount of wear it has undergone and how rare the item is.

Asking Prices Aren’t a Guarantee

It can get a bit confusing trying to figure out an antique’s value when looking strictly at asking prices online. At first glance, it’s easy to assume that price is what the antique is worth, especially if you see several people asking for the same price. Unfortunately, this price doesn’t mean much. This is only what the seller is hoping to get for the item. Just because this is the listed price, that doesn’t mean a buyer will be willing to pay that much for it. Look online for examples where the item was already sold to better understand what someone would be willing to pay for it.

You can also seek a dealer’s help in determining value. If you are willing to consign with them you may be able to hail a higher net than trying to sell outright. Antique dealers have the reputation and clientele to find the right buyers, but they will take their share. Look for a dealer that will guarantee the net you will receive instead of only promising you a proportion of an unknown selling price.

An Antique Shouldn’t Look Too New

One of the most important tips for new antique collectors is to beware if an item looks too new. A true antique shouldn’t look like it was made yesterday. If you have a chair with cushions and fabrics whose colors look too new, it might not be a legit antique, or it may have been reupholstered. Rare antiques that are worth high amounts of money are commonly faked. Other items could be repainted to try to make their condition look better. If this is the case, the antique’s been heavily devalued. Proper refinishing in the old methods can bring life and value back to a piece that was quite worn.

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