Women Artists for Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month! Join us as we celebrate women artists featured in Solvang Antiques and the Judith Hale Gallery, including Grace Schlesier, Joni Falk, and Angie Whitson.

Angie Whitson

Angie Whitson, M.I.B.A., known simply as Angie, is a sculptress, painter and etcher. She is most noted for her limited edition bronze sculpture and her limited edition etchings using the soft ground technique with aquatint. Over a period of several years, she has won eight gold medals, twelve first prizes and many 2nd and 3rd prizes in exhibitions around the world. She has been commissioned by many organizations nationwide, including the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Her works are found in many galleries around the world, and on our website here.

Duo Concerto
Sugar Babies
Young Diva

Joni Falk

Joni Falk was born in 1933 in Chicago, IL. Falk is a realist painter of Western and floral still life, southwestern landscapes and Native American figures. It was the Southwest culture and history that compelled her to seek a full-time career as an artist. Falk is well known throughout the US and Canada for her paintings of Native American life. She travels frequently to Native American pueblos and reservations from the New Mexico and Wyoming areas, where she also gets subject matter for her landscapes. Falk has exhibited at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, WY, the Albuquerque Museum, Cheyenne’s Old West Museum, and many other museums and galleries across the country. 

The Sentinel
Aura of Innocence

Grace Schlesier

Grace Schlesier, an accomplished painter, is know for her vibrant and whimsical landscapes and nature scenes. She is influenced by the artists of the Russian School and the Hudson River School. She frequently paints outdoors, stating: “There is so much value in working out of doors. Most everything I do begins there. A painting is about how it makes you feel. In my paintings, do you feel the warmth of a summer’s day, the lighthearted feeling of springtime or the rush of an oncoming storm? If you do, I’ve done my job.” 

Her list of exhibitions and invitations are many over her career. Her paintings have been invited into the Salon International Invitational at the Greenhouse Gallery in Texas, The American Women Artist Invitational in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Wildling Museum Exhibit in Los Olivos, CA. She is also a member of Oil Painters of America, American Artists Professional League of NY, Laguna Plein Air Painters and California Art Club. She continues to be invited to gallery and museum shows such as the Booth Museum in Cartersville Georgia, and the Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona. Schlesier was also featured in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Art of the West, naming her one of the 10 top women artists in the US.

To see more from Grace Schlesier, click here.

Shore Break
The White Fence

Other women artists featured in the Judith Hale Gallery include Vicki Catapano, Betty Carr, Dee Prater, Jannene Behl, Lynelle Echeverria and more. For more information about the Judith Hale Gallery, click here.

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