Ways to Style Your Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Ways to Style Your Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Your jewelry collection is a reflection of your style, your fashion sense, and your own personality. Most people hold their jewelry collection near and dear to their hearts because of these reflections and their value. When you have a vast jewelry collection, it can be hard to determine which pieces would look best with which outfits, which can pair well with other jewelry items, and which would stand best alone. Another issue that avid jewelry collectors face is the hesitation to wear their fine antique and vintage jewelry at all, due to its value and a fear of damaging it. Half the fun of owning beautiful jewelry is getting to wear and enjoy it, though, so it’s important to find ways to style it on yourself. Check out these ways to style your antique and vintage jewelry to start enjoying the pieces you own.

Wearing antique and vintage jewelry with casual outfits

When you are choosing your day-to-day outfits, you can try to work in your antique and vintage jewelry to make the outfits more attractive and stylish. This can be tricky—especially because many people reserve their antique and vintage jewelry for fancier occasions than a trip to the store—but they can really spruce up any outfit. Wearing antique and vintage jewelry can be casual when you use it correctly. Check out two outfit examples below to try out.

For a casual feminine look:

Throw on your favorite pair of jeans, and pair them with a neutral-colored (gray, black, white, brown, tan, etc.) T-shirt. Add a pair of antique or vintage earrings, and put your hair up, if it’s long, to show the earrings off. You can also pair this combo with a delicate antique or vintage necklace over the neckline of your t-shirt. By downplaying your clothing and highlighting the jewelry, you create a style that appears effortlessly classy. You can wear this casual combo to a lunch date with a friend, a trip to the store, and other informal occasions.

For a casual masculine look:

For a more masculine way to wear antique and vintage jewelry, try putting on a pair of casual slacks or dark-washed jeans. Pair these with a nice shirt or sweater—depending on the weather. With this look, you can add a vintage or antique watch to spice up your outfit while keeping it casual. This look is great for coffee and lunch dates, family gatherings, and casual meetings.

Wearing antique and vintage jewelry with business looks

When you need to dress for business, you may want to be a tad more formal than a business-casual or casual outfit. Wearing antique and vintage jewelry to a business commitment is a great way to make your outfit stand out without being too flashy—when you do it right. Check out the two outfit examples below.

For a feminine business look:

For a more feminine business look, put on a skirt or a pair of suit slacks, and pair it with a complimenting colored top. For example, pair a white or brown top with a blue suit or a bright top with a black suit. Couple this ensemble with a pair of neutral shoes. To add in your jewelry, consider a vintage or antique ring with a pair of subtle yet stylish vintage or antique earrings. This will add the right amount of bling to your business attire.

For a masculine business look:

For a more masculine business look, put on suit separates—this includes a pair of suit slacks and a complementary colored jacket with a neutral shirt underneath. Wear a belt that matches your shoes, and make sure all your hardware (belt buckle, shoe details, etc.) is of the same color metal. You can add a nice antique or vintage watch to match and even layer in an antique or vintage chain under your shirt for an extra layer of style.

Wearing antique and vintage jewelry on a formal occasion

When you have a formal occasion coming up, antique and vintage jewelry is a must. On formal occasions, you can really go all out with your accessories without the fear of overdoing it. These occasions might be weddings, parties, fundraisers, or even a fancy evening out. For your formalwear, check out these examples of outfits.

For a formal feminine look:

For a formal look, pair a little black dress or something similar with multiple pieces of antique or vintage jewelry. If you’re pulling your hair up or back, wear larger earrings, or wear smaller if your hair will remain down. You can add a nice brooch or necklace—both, if each piece is subtle, or only one or the other if they are more attention-grabbing. You can also add a bracelet and a ring. Be sure, when mixing multiple jewelry pieces, that one is a stand-out focal piece with the others simply complementing that piece. This way, you don’t overpower the outfit.

For a formal masculine look:

For a more masculine look for a formal occasion, get a matching suit or tuxedo, depending entirely on the level of formality of the occasion. Wear a white shirt with it. Then you can wear one of your favorite fine antique pocket watches. The metal color on your watch should match the hardware on your belt and shoes—and the leathers or materials for these accessories should match each other as well. You can also add a ring and a necklace to really get into the formality while making your outfit shine at the event.

There are so many ways to style your antique and vintage jewelry, so you can wear it in everyday life and actually enjoy the pieces in your collection. While antique and vintage jewelry pieces are a great investment and act as amazing collectibles, they are still jewelry that should be worn and enjoyed. Use these tips to work up the confidence in your abilities to wear fancy jewelry in everyday life. To add to your collection or get one started, check out our vast selection at Solvang Antiques. We have new arrivals all the time and aim to help you find the perfect jewelry for you.

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