Ways to Spot a Fake Antique Watch


It can be easy to fall victim to the words of a dishonest antique dealer. They know what to say and what places to point your eye toward, distracting you from noticing subtle and not-so-subtle things within the item that could raise a red flag on its authenticity. Antique wristwatches are frequently counterfeited. Many untrustworthy dealers will try to pass off a fake antique watch for the real thing, while other dealers may simply not know the item is a counterfeit. To be sure your watch is the real deal, check out these ways to spot a fake antique watch.

The deal seems too good to be true

When buying an antique watch, there is usually a larger price tag that comes with it. If the dealer seems to be giving you a deal that is unrealistic or seems way too low for the product you’re getting, chances are it’s not a genuine antique watch. Be wary of any price or sale that seems like a steal and request further documentation on extremely discounted items before purchasing them.

You don’t trust the dealer or the source

When shopping for an antique watch, you should feel at ease with the dealer. They should make you feel comfortable in making the purchase. Often, untrustworthy dealers will try to pressure buyers or won’t allow them a minute to think about the purchase. If a dealer seems determined to get an impulse purchase out of you, chances are the watch is a fake. If you don’t feel comfortable in the shop or the website feels off to you, trust your gut.

It doesn’t look like the real deal

One last way to spot a fake antique watch involves some research beforehand. Prior to purchasing an antique watch, do some research online and get a good idea of what the watch you’re considering buying looks like. Notice little things and details that you can look for when examining the antique watch. When you’re looking over the antique watch, you want to buy pay attention to little things such as spelling of words. Counterfeit watches often have sloppy spelling or uneven lettering. Other things such as discoloration or rust hint at inauthenticity.

If you have questions about the authenticity of your watch, don’t hesitate to contact an expert to examine it for you. To shop with certainty, check out the Solvang Antiques line of estate, vintage, and antique watches, available online.

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