Treasures from China

For thousands of years, China has produced beautiful art, furniture, jewelry and decorative objects that are now widely collected. Read on to find out more about these treasures from China.

Chinese Qing Dynasty Blue Glazed Pottery Pedestal

Chinese pottery and porcelain is collected worldwide. Antique Chinese pottery, like the pedestal above, is loved for its traditional designs depicting animals. Dragons are also frequently found on Chinese pottery.

Chinese Ebonized Wood Mother of Pearl Storage Chest

Chinese furniture is also cherished for its intricate and beautiful designs. Often Chinese furniture will incorporate materials like mother-of-pearl as decoration, like the storage chest above. Traditional Chinese designs are still popular today, as seen in the rosewood desk and sideboard below.

Chinese Carved Rosewood Sideboard
Chinese Hand Carved Rosewood Fan Shaped Desk

Jewelry from China has a rich history and is loved around the world. Jade is known as an important gemstone featured frequently in Chinese jewelry. Jade can be incorporated into jewelry in many ways, whether it is carved into an intricate design or paired with accents of gold. The lavender jade pendant below has been carved into a beautiful picture of a woman.

Chinese Carved Lavender Jade Pendant

Chinese art is extremely popular for collectors around the world. Chinese carvings, like the natural coral figurines below, are an example of the immense skill of Chinese artisans. These figurines, with their intricate details and flowing curves, feature motifs common in Chinese art.

Chinese Natural Coral Guan Yin Carving
Chinese Natural Coral Two Women Carving

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