Time Is To Be Cherished: 40 Years of Solvang Antiques

This is the beginning of our 40th Anniversary year at Solvang Antiques!

Time is something to be cherished. In this post, you will learn about pocket watches, and the intricacies to thee mechanical marvels, as well as why they should be celebrated and cherished. Click the photos to learn more about each item.


Repeater watches have a sophisticated complication, allowing the watch to sound when the plunger is depressed. This particular watch strikes the quarter hour on two gongs.

Quarter Hour Repeater on Two Gongs by Pierre Le Roy, circa 1782


The term “chronograph” refers to a watch that has an interval timer built into it. The chronograph mechanism is one of the most popular complications found on higher grade watches.

Swiss Chronograph by Agassiz, circa 1890


The fusee movement is knows for keeping more consistent time, especially in early watches. The fusee has a cone shape with a groove to ensure an equalized pull throughout the full unwind.

French Jacques Gudin Verge Fusee Pocket Watch, circa 1770

Pair Case

A pair cased watch has an inner case which houses the movement and an outer case to enclose and protect the inner case. These were most popular in the mid 18th century.

Pair Case Chatelaine Pocket Watch by Jonathan White, circa 1767

Hunter Case

A hunter case simply means that there is a hinged metal cover over the dial and crystal of the watch, protecting it from dust, scratches and debris.

Four Color Gold Hunter Case Pocket Watch by Waltham, circa 1904

Engine Turned and Engraved

Engine turning and engraving are the two most popular decorations on a watch. Engine turning is an intricate pattern created using a lathe, a machine used for shaping metal or wood. It allowed more precise patterns to be applied and was much quicker than hand engraving. Engine turned may also be referred to as “guilloche”.

Engine Turned and Engraved 18K Gold Pocket Watch by Joseph Johnson, circa 1840

Thanks for reading! As we enter into our 40th year in business, we look back fondly on our earlier years and acknowledge that time is something to be cherished. To view more pocket watches, click here. To see all of our newest antique additions, click here.

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