The Year of the Dog: Selections for Chinese New Year

According to the Chinese calendar, the Lunar New Year begins February 16, 2018. This year is to be the Year of the Dog – symbolizing honor, loyalty and justice. Read on to learn more about this symbol and view a selection of themed items from our collection!

French Three Piece Clock Set, circa 1910

The Chinese lunar calendar has been in use for thousands of years by not only China, but also neighboring nations like Mongolia, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. The calendar is based on the phases of the moon, and its new year begins in late January or early February. Symbolizing rebirth and renewal, the Chinese New Year festival is celebrated by East Asian communities worldwide. 

The Chinese zodiac is based on this system, with every year having a corresponding animal. This year is the Year of the Dog. The symbol of the Dog in Chinese tradition stands for loyalty and steadfastness.

These selections of canine-themed antiques, including the stunning three piece clock set above, are wonderful pieces that are a perfect fit for this year.

Scottie Dog Rose Gold Hair Pin
2.25 CTW Sapphire and Diamond Pin or Pendant
Marguerite Kirmse Bronze Sculpture Scottish Terrier
Marty Goldstein Emily
George Armfield Terriers Ratting in a Barn

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