The Environmental Benefits of Buying Antiques

The Environmental Benefits of Buying Antiques

As the French journalist Hervé Kempf noted, “Consume less; share better.” Every individual in modern society is a consumer of goods and services. In a world of over 7 billion people, that everyday consumption adds up to a plethora of items in circulation.

Due to the rising need for sustainability, people have come to realize that we can’t simply keep throwing old things away for brand-new ones. Fortunately, the beautiful, quality craftsmanship of the past has allowed antique items to be shared and used for longer than initially intended—and help the planet in turn. Let’s take a closer look at the environmental benefits of buying antiques.

Circular Economy: Reduced Carbon Footprint

A circular economy refers to a solutions framework keeping materials and products circulating within a set system for as long as possible. This helps reduce one’s carbon footprint by sharing, recycling, reusing, and refurbishing existing items. The benefit of this model lies in changing the way the world produces and consumes goods to minimalize pollution and waste.

Purchasing antiques fits perfectly into the picture, as they have a naturally longer lifecycle due to their high-quality craftsmanship from natural resources. These unique items already have a smaller impact on the environment than newly manufactured, cookie-cutter pieces.

Less Waste: Reduced Landfill Usage

Effectively lessening the impact of waste is another environmental benefit of buying antiques. Present-day items available at big box stores are often crafted from man-made materials—and with designs not meant to last for generations. Without a sturdy foundation or an increase in value, these items are continually discarded and dumped in landfills.

Purchasing quality items from the past is an eco-friendly method to prevent unused items from ending up in landfills. With rich history and beauty, antiques are timeless and never go out of style. These sustainable, reusable treasures can forever preserve heritage for future generations with proper care and appreciation.

Sustainable Practices: Reduced Energy Consumption

Buying antiques from local, regional, or national shops equals less consumption of brand-new goods from locations outside your country of residence. While this may not seem immensely monumental, even one person purchasing an antique results in a smaller environmental impact.

There is less transportation and importation involved, as freight boats and planes from abroad come with an increased carbon footprint due to emissions. Choose to invest in valuable pieces in a way that does not support modern deforestation, resource and energy waste, or mass-production practices—the planet will thank you.

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