The Benefits of Fine Art in the Workplace

The Benefits of Fine Art in the Workplace

As the novelty and necessity of remote work wear off, offices are slowly but surely coming back to life. However, increased foot traffic and occupied desks aren’t enough to truly liven up the workplace. Have you considered what art can add to the space? Here are a few of the benefits of fine art in the workplace for you to consider and how it can be a boon to your workers’ happiness and productivity.

Fostering a Creative Atmosphere

Working from home has its benefits, but workers and management across disparate industries have conceded that something is missing from the far-flung terminals of remote work. In advertising, marketing, and communications, that “something” is the creativity and spontaneity that comes from convening talented people in an environment that further spurs on great work. No one wants to come back to the office so that they can be creative and spontaneous in a white cinderblock cube—and indeed, they cannot be. Talented employees need to be in a milieu that inspires them. In other words, great people need to be amid great art. The value of stimulating artwork will manifest itself in your employees’ work.

Finding Serenity Through Art

There are many kinds of artwork to choose from—not all of it has to be the sort that encourages lateral thinking, out-of-the-box solutions, and furious brainstorms. Sometimes, when tensions run high, and the workplace becomes an emotional blast furnace, the right art can help bring the temperature down. A wellness space within the office can provide a respite for workers who need to dial it back before they can thrive again; part of the way to cultivate that space would be to incorporate serene art with soft and cool tones.

The Icebreaker Your Team Will Actually Love

A great painting, sculpture, or objet d’art isn’t just an art piece—it’s a conversation piece. Peace and quiet can be nice at times, but no one likes an awkward silence. One of the benefits of fine art in the workplace is breaking up those awkward silences by catalyzing discussion among the piece’s observers. What begins with analyzing art and comparing it with other works can set chatty colleagues upon a fractal path of discussion topics. Perhaps a comparison with the works of the artist brings up a shared personal connection. Coworkers get to know each other better and make the most of their at-work interaction—and it all begins with art.

Finding the Right Piece

Many offices favor austerity in their interior design, but if the walls of your workplace are austere to a fault, it’s time to liven them up with classic art. Solvang Antiques features contemporary and antique art for sale for your office, with works from the 19th Century to present among the featured pieces in our collection. Browse our galleries and find the piece you’re looking for to inspire, soothe, or simply get people talking.

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