…Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your place. Today I bought a mantle clock at your store and having you restore it. Earlier this year I brought in my grandfathers mantel clock to have it restored. (I live in Los Angeles after moving out here from Indiana). Was so happy to have it worked on and I knew you folks would do a good job. I just bought another mantle clock and plan to bring it to your store to have it looked over. My roommate bought her clock at your place and had it restored after the 1994 Earthquake. All of your people are certainly very nice and helpful….make you feel welcome. My roommate and I love to come to Solvang and we always stop in at your store and look at the clocks. I feel guilty if I don’t buy anything. I have traveled many places and have never seen a place like yours. It is truly unique!! Thank you again for the great service…

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