Hi Terry, Wow, what a great day and how exciting to begin a new hobby! My wife and family love both of them and look forward to helping me start collecting 78’s and cylinders we all like. The biggest and best surprise of the day was when I looked through the 78’s and found ‘Oh, what a beautiful morning.’ My dad will be 87 in a few weeks and he sings that song most of the times when we pick him up to get him into his wheelchair van. I never knew the words to the beginning of that song until he started singing it. I can’t wait to bring him here to hear it on the antique player. Both look great in our house and I think I’ve found the perfect place to put them once I buy a couple of tables. For now they are on a half wall between the dinning room and living room sitting on top of a 16″ platform. Perfect for now, but I once we buy a couple of tables they will sit next to the fireplace. I can’t thank you enough for engaging me from the first time we met in mid November. Please thank Brian for a fantastic packing job as well, really done professionally. I’ll stay in touch and once in place, I’ll send you a picture. Thanks again.

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