Staff Picks: September

This month's Staff Picks include men's jewelry, beautiful bronze sculptures, fine art and more!

The painting below is staff member Vida’s pick of the month. “This painting looks so real,”¬†she says.¬†“I feel like I should take a ballet lesson. Maybe in 15 or 20 years from now.”

Hungarian Oil on Canvas Ballerina, Signed by Artist

Below is Kathy’s September staff pick. This stunning military desk, from the estate of Revolutionary War commander W.M. Howe, is an incredible piece of history. Kathy says:¬†“The history connected to this desk is amazing. And every time I touch it, it takes me back in time to the birth of our nation.”

English Military Desk, circa 1750

English Military Desk, circa 1750

The next Staff Pick, from staff member Michael, is a beautiful tiger eye quartz ring.¬†“I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. But every once in a while, we get in a piece that I really like & wouldn’t mind having,”¬†he says.“This tiger eye quartz ring is both stylish & masculine. The detail work on the ring’s shoulders sets it apart from plain gold settings, and¬† the stone itself is beautifully polished. It’s a real “tiger” eye catcher.”¬†

10K Gold Men's Tiger Eye Quartz Ring

10K Gold Men’s Tiger Eye Quartz Ring

The ring has one 16x12mm tiger eye quartz.

The ring has one 16x12mm tiger eye quartz.

This month, Misty has chosen a breathtaking figural sculpture. “This piece is so impressive in person! The detail of this sculpture is overwhelming,”¬†she says.“The Warrior’s every muscle is defined. His face is intent. It has an imposing size, yet uses little depth, so will fit in shallow spaces.”

Bouraine, The Warrior

Bouraine, The Warrior

Judy has also chosen a bronze sculpture for her September pick.¬†“After these long Dog Days of Summer, I will select¬†Rathbone.¬† This sculpture just makes me laugh! It is one of my favorites created by Marty Goldstein.¬†Rathbone¬†is posed to greet you, beg you to throw his ball, or just wag his tail in joyful play.”

Marty Goldstein, Rathbone

Marty Goldstein, Rathbone

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