Rules for Decorating Your Home With Vintage Pieces

Rules for Decorating Your Home With Vintage Pieces

Some things in life are just naturally meant to be. Consider the classic pairs of s’mores and campfires, peanut butter and jelly, and tacos and Tuesdays. These types of universal pairings are undeniably better together. Not to mention the dynamic duo of vintage and modern style combinations in interior design.

There are no hard and fast directions to follow when incorporating varying aesthetics and décor into your space. But no one desires a home that feels like a sterile showroom, do they? Properly mixing vintage items into a contemporary room 1) blends old worlds and new worlds together and 2) invigorates a space with vivid history and beauty. Let’s take a closer look at a few rules for decorating your home with vintage pieces. Here’s what you need to know.

Focus on Proportion and Scale

You don’t need to limit yourself to design boundaries, yet you must consider scale when incorporating vintage pieces. Ponder the material and shape of an item. Can you lighten up the room with sleek metals, soft woods, or sharp lines? Where can you place vintage décor or a painting to create a cohesive appearance? Ensure that the layout of a room—including furniture, decorative items, and wall art—is suitably proportional to each other. Think about the ideal combinations and contrast to create flow and a subtle nod to timeless elements within a room.

Utilize Color as the Style Unifier

One of the core rules for decorating your home with vintage pieces is to find the color palette that works right for you. The perfect color combinations meld together into a warm, inviting, and elegant space. Color is the ultimate unifier between pieces of different styles—such as quirky vintage and minimalistic modern. If your goal is to match contrasting design eras, streamlining colors is the way to go, especially with décor accessories and art. Make sure you leave room to breathe with balancing neutrals.

Framing Techniques: Keep It Simple

In the context of vintage art pieces, fine-art framing is key as a focal point. For small-scale and large-scale pieces, the frame itself is sometimes the art that draws the eye in. Keep your décor straightforward so the vintage art can shine. Choose classic materials when framing, such as wood or gilt. Use placement particularly to your advantage, and don’t be afraid to pop diverse art pieces into unexpected places.

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