Our selection of antique, vintage, and contemporary sculpture includes masterpieces crafted from a variety of materials including bronze, stone, and wood. Explore this stunning selection of sculptures to find the perfect piece to enhance the décor of any room, or to be the perfect centerpiece to your theme.

Emile Boyer Fisher Lady Bronze Sculpture
Antique French Boyer fisher lady bronze sculpture, circa 1900. This antique bronze sculpture of a...
Antique French bronze sculpture Dancer with Tambourine signed Carrier Belleuse, circa 1890. This French antique...
Antique French Rancoulet bronze dancer sculpture, circa 1900. This French bronze of a dancer is...
Antique French bronze pitcher with merman signed Alexandre Clerget, circa 1900. This antique bronze pitcher...
Antique French pair of bronze ewers, circa 1890. These antique ewers feature lion masks and...
Antique French Victor Bruyneel young lady bust bronze sculpture, circa 1900. This antique sculpture of...
Antique European Victorian bronze of a fairy atop a moth, circa 1890. This Victorian bronze...
Antique European unsigned reclining nude bronze sculpture, circa 1880. Dimensions 4.5″H x 9″W x 4″D
Antique bronze cherub plateau signed TT, circa 1870. This antique figural bronze plateau features a...
European The Athlete bronze sculpture on rotating marble plinth, circa 1900. This unsigned bronze of...
Bronze sculpture Fresh Brand by Richard Myer. This Richard Myer bronze sculpture comes on a wooden...
Vintage bronze sculpture by Sharon Cain Hessian Desert Bedouin, circa 1960. This vintage Sharon Cain Hessian bronze...
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The artistic expression to set the tone of a room does not necessarily need to be on canvas—it may be an antique bronze sculpture that you desire. The refined artisans of the past paid careful attention to detail and their craftsmanship was extraordinary. They chose to use the most luxurious materials to create their masterpieces, such as fine Italian marble, alabaster, onyx, and bronze. Their subjects were also very intriguing, from a sentimental maiden to a commanding Zeus, there is a piece that will speak to you. Any of the sculptures, including our impressive collection of antique bronze sculptures, are sure to enhance the dĂ©cor of any room or be the perfect center to your theme. This collection features some of the finest antique sculptures you’ll find anywhere.


Our selection of contemporary sculpture includes masterpieces crafted from a variety of materials including bronze, stone and wood. These featured sculptors have impeccable skill in bringing life to their work. Whether you are seeking a small gift or a centerpiece for your new foyer, Solvang Antiques is here to guide you in finding the perfect piece that will bring enjoyment for a lifetime.

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