Musical Antiques

Musical antiques are among the scarcest and most esoteric types of antiques on the marketplace, making them an excellent investment.

Sohmer Mahogany Grand Piano
Antique Sohmer mahogany grand piano, circa 1899. This antique mahogany grand piano was created by...
Antique Brunswick model 117 custom made mahogany gramophone, circa 1918. This custom ordered US made...
Antique forte piano rosewood cylinder music box, circa 1880. This Swiss music box has a...
Antique Columbia BNW Improved Royal phonograph gramophone, circa 1909. This antique phonograph by Columbia features...
Antique American Regina oak disc music box, circa 1899. This antique Regina disc music box...
Antique Edison Standard cylinder phonograph, circa 1905. This Edison phonograph features an oak cabinet and...
Antique Victor Talking Machine model VV-XIV, circa 1910. This Victor phonograph has a mahogany upright...
Vintage RCA Victor 75-X-17 hand painted radio, circa 1948. This vintage radio is hand painted...

Musical antiques are among scarcest and most esoteric types of antiques in the marketplace, making them an excellent investment. Antique music boxes and other musical antiques such as phonographs, also make perfect gifts, as they create special memories that can be passed down through the family for generations. At Solvang Antiques you will find cylinder music boxes, disc music boxes, phonographs, pianos, singing bird boxes, radios and more, perfect for gifting or adding to your collection.

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