Peridot for August

The peridot is celebrated for its vibrant yellow-green hue. It is the birthstone for August and makes a beautiful gem to wear during the summer. Read on and learn more about this stone!

3.75 CTW Oval Peridot and Diamond Ring

Peridot is not only August’s birthstone, but it is also the stone for the 15th anniversary. This stone has a bright and vibrant color that is perfect for summer ensembles.

4.28 Carat Total Weight Peridot Ring

Peridot, a variation of the mineral olivine, is known for its yellow-green color due to the presence of iron in the stone. This stone can range from a brown-green color to a grass green.

Victorian Peridot and Pearl Bar Pin

The origin of the name “peridot” is debated. The word may have came from the Arabic faridat, meaning “gem”. Other accounts state that the word comes from the Old French word peritot.

4.0 Carat Total Weight Peridot Earrings With Diamonds

The use of peridot in jewelry dates back to the ancient Egyptians. They wore peridot to ward off evil spirits and for protection. Through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, peridot was used in jewelry and decoration, but was often confused with emerald.

16 Carat Total Weight Greek Key Peridot Earrings

Peridot was first found on an island in the Red Sea called Zabargad. Today, peridot is found all over the world. It is mined in China, Vietnam, Arizona, Tanzania, and more. 

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