Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard Biography

Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard's company was born from a long established line of famous silversmiths

This company of silversmiths,  Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard, was born from a long established line of famous silversmiths. The firm started with Anthony Nelme in London around 1680, followed by his son Francis, and then Thomas Whipham I in 1756. His son Thomas went into partnership with Charles Wright, who in 1786 entered into a partnership with Thomas II and Henry Chawner. Edward Barnard I was an apprentice and then partner to Henry Chawner. When Chawner retired, John Emes became the owner with Edward Barnard I as manager. In 1796, John Emes became partners with Edward Barnard I. John Emes died in 1808 and his widow, Rebecca, took on a partnership with Edward Barnard I. Rebecca Emes withdrew in 1829 and Edward Barnard I became the owner along with his sons Edward Barnard II, John and William.

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