How to Start an Antique Jewelry Collection

How to Start an Antique Jewelry Collection

Many people start collections for pleasure, intrigue, the desire to learn, and as investments. One of the most beautiful collections you can start is of antique jewelry. Antique jewelry is beautifully crafted and functional. It also can come with a great story and history since anything considered antique is 100 years old and older. Check out this guide on how to start an antique jewelry collection.

Learn about different eras and styles of jewelry

The first step to starting an antique jewelry collection is understanding the different eras of jewelry and their different styles. A solid understanding of these things will help you on your search to purchase your first few pieces. It can help you identify what styles you want your collection to focus on and which eras you respond to the most. There are countless types of jewelry, so narrowing down the search will be of great service when you start conversing with antique dealers. Knowing the lingo and developing a better understanding of the styles will show that you’re knowledgeable and know what you want during negotiations.

Start shopping with reputable dealers

Do some research on reputable antique dealers both in your local area and online to decide where to start your search. Solvang Antiques has a huge inventory online and, with over 40 years of experience, is a great place to start. If you have a specific piece of jewelry in mind to start your collection with, go ahead and search the web for it. This route is often more expensive than simply browsing, but starting a collection with a piece that means a lot to you is well worth it. Talk to the dealers and describe what you’re looking for—most would be more than happy to discuss antique jewelry with you, make recommendations, and converse about different pieces.

Display your pieces properly

Invest in a quality display case to proudly show off your new collection. Glass-faced displays are great options for antique gemstone rings, which can sparkle and shine and be easily visible through the glass. Decide the best way to display your items and start doing so. As your collection grows, your need for display space will grow as well, so plan ahead and know where you’ll display a piece before purchasing it.

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