How To Pair a Vintage Engagement Ring With a Wedding Band

How To Pair a Vintage Engagement Ring With a Wedding Band

A wedding ring and engagement ring are very personal items. These are pieces of jewelry that are worn every day for the rest of your life. These rings should reflect the timeless style and taste of the wearer as well as the love the couple shares. One popular way to embody the love shared between couples is to propose with a vintage engagement ring. Vintage engagement rings are unique, stylish, and perfect for the one-of-a-kind person you love. A question many couples have when choosing a vintage or antique engagement ring is: What kind of wedding band will match the vintage engagement ring? Explore this guide to discover how to pair a vintage engagement ring with a wedding band.

Lean into the Differences

When you buy a vintage engagement ring it may not be possible to match your wedding band to it exactly. One way to make sure both look dazzling on your finger is to lean into the different looks. If your engagement ring is gold, consider going with a platinum or white gold wedding band to really highlight the eclectic properties.

Find a Vintage or Antique Wedding Band

Another great way to pair your vintage engagement ring with a wedding band is to look for antique and vintage wedding bands. It’s unlikely you’ll find an exact match, but chances are you’ll find some wedding bands that match the general era, style, or material of the engagement ring. This method requires some searching but trusted antique dealers can be of great help during the process!

Match the Wedding Band To the Partner’s Wedding Band

If you’re really struggling to find a wedding band that matches your engagement ring, consider a new idea. Match your wedding band to your partner’s wedding band. This is a great way to showcase the love shared in the couple. If your partner’s wedding band, or something made of a similar material, is available in your size, consider pairing this with your engagement ring for a special “just us” touch.

How to pair a vintage engagement ring with a wedding band is entirely up to the couple’s preference. For quality and unique antique vintage engagement rings and wedding bands, check out our online collection at Solvang Antiques.

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