How To Determine the Value of Estate Jewelry

How To Determine the Value of Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry refers to a wide range of jewelry types. It can be something passed down in a family, second-hand jewelry, and much more. This makes it difficult to determine an exact measurement for estate jewelry’s value. Each piece is unique and should be appraised. The process is quite similar to evaluating the value of any jewelry piece, but it includes a few special considerations. Discover how to determine the value of estate jewelry.

Jewelry Maker

Determining who manufactured the piece is essential to discovering how much it is worth. Signed jewelry from a noted maker can increase, or even triple the value of that piece of jewelry. Also, unique jewelry from many decades ago is worth more than jewelry that was mass-produced within the past several years. A jewelry appraiser, or experienced retailer, can determine the level of added value by searching for and identifying markings on the jewelry piece.

Materials and Stones

The finer the material and the rarer the stone, the more the piece is worth. Finding out the value of estate jewelry is similar to determining the value of non-estate jewelry. Each item is unique and should be appraised individually.

Precious stones and metals are timeless and hold high values, especially if they are of high quality. The type of metal can usually be verified by eye, but the gemstones should always be tested and verified by an appraiser or professional jeweler.

Contact a Professional Jeweler

Until an estate jewelry piece is appraised and evaluated by an appraiser or professional jeweler, you will not know its true value. Jewelers have years of expertise to help discover authenticity, age, and creators of jewelry pieces with certainty. If you have any questions about the value of a jewelry piece, take it to an appraiser or jeweler you trust for evaluation.

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