Common Antique Collecting Mistakes To Avoid


Antiquing is a fun pastime and a worthwhile investment. Whether you are an avid antique collector or you’re just beginning, be sure to read up on the most common antique collecting mistakes to avoid.

Under Researching Items

One of the most common mistakes antique collectors make is not doing enough initial research. When a collector comes to a dealer and is well informed, they can ask the right questions and better describe what they are looking for.

Under researching items can lead to a difficult time finding the right piece and confusion or frustration when describing it to a dealer.

Doing Business With Untrustworthy Antique Dealers

The most dangerous mistake an antique collector can make is doing business with an antique dealer they don’t trust. Trust your instincts when it comes to people, and don’t do business with any dealer that gives off bad energy or makes you question their intentions or motives.

Trustworthy antique dealers try to provide as much information possible about any items you show interest in and won’t hesitate to engage in meaningful conversation about the pieces they’re selling. Mistrust can ruin an experience, so be cautious and trust your feelings.

Forgetting To Have Fun

Antiquing is meant to be a fun and exciting process. For many people, antiquing starts as a hobby and escalates into a collection. The collection displays the beautiful fruits of the antique collector’s labor. If antiquing is starting to lose its appeal, you may need to start having fun with the process again. Consider purchasing an antique you wouldn’t normally or starting a new collection to freshen the process and bring back the fun.

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