Celebrating Summer Art

This season, we're sharing paintings from our gallery that represent the sights of summer.

Read on to view beautiful paintings from Howard Carr, Barron Postmus and more.

Marilyn Simandle, Veranda Overlooking the Lake

Marilyn Simandle, Veranda Overlooking the Lake

A great piece of art can brighten up any home. Summery scenes like beach vistas and sunny nature landscapes are perfect for this season. The painting above, by Marilyn Simandle, depicts a peaceful, shady porch view. The below painting, by artist Barron Postmus, is a beautiful, colorful sunset beach scene that exudes the spirit of summer.

Barron Postmus, Sundown at Ledbetter Beach

Barron Postmus, Sundown at Ledbetter Beach

The two paintings below by Neil Boyle and Howard Carr depict vibrant and colorful tableaux. Looking at these two paintings, you can feel the crash of the waves and the sand between your toes. These summery beach scenes are perfect as seasonal touches to your home, or as gifts for the art lover in your life.

Neil Boyle, Study in Pink

Neil Boyle, Study in Pink

Howard Carr, Wet Toes

Howard Carr, Wet Toes

The two paintings below by Dirk Foslien and Jannene Behl depict two sunny scenes. Spring Into Summer by Behl is a soothing scene of nature’s transition from spring into summer. Nipomo Wild Mustard by Dirk Foslien depicts the hills of Nipomo, California as they bloom with wild mustard blossoms.

Jannene Behl, Spring Into Summer

Jannene Behl, Spring Into Summer

Dirk Foslien, Nipomo Wild Mustard

Dirk Foslien, Nipomo Wild Mustard

The two paintings below are stunning pieces depicting flowers of many colors. The painting below, entitled Summer Gold, brings to life a vase of vibrant sunflowers. The Grace Schlesier piece, entitled Whimsical Morning, is a symphony of saturated yellow, purple, and blue. These paintings are beautiful pieces that bring a pop of color to your summer decor.

Gene Register, Summer Gold

Gene Register, Summer Gold

Grace Schlesier, Whimsical Morning

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