Antiques in the Home: Bedroom

In addition to the dining and living areas, the bedroom is a great place to enjoy your antiques. These pieces can add elegance and beauty to any bedroom.

French Louis XV Marble Top Commode, circa 1775


Every bedroom needs the right furniture. Outfit your living space with an antique commode, or add a matching table set like the kingwood dresser and nightstand below. These pieces have incredible history and masterwork, and you can be sure that they are built to last. The Murphy bed below is a unique piece that is great for guests or visitors.

American Oak Murphy Bed, circa 1900-1920
This antique bed is decorated with applied carvings.


French Kingwood Dresser and Nightstand, circa 1890
The first drawer of this dresser folds into a desk.


A room’s lighting can set the mood and tone for a space. An antique table or floor lamp is perfect for adding some flair to a room. The Tiffany candlestick lamps below are almost works of art themselves, and work beautifully as accent pieces. The floor lamp below, also by Tiffany Studios, is a gorgeous piece with a honey-tinted linen shade.

Pair of Candlestick Lamps Signed Tiffany, circa 1915
Tiffany Studios Floor Lamp, circa 1905


Whether it is a carriage clock or mantel clock, an antique timepiece is perfect for a bedroom. An antique clock brings character and beauty to a bedroom no matter where is it placed. The carriage clock below is a wonderful fit for a side table or desk. If you desire some wall decoration, a clock is a delightful choice for a bedroom. The wall clock below is a beautiful quarter sawn oak regulator by Ball Watch Co.

Gilt Brass Carriage Clock by Charles Oudin, circa 1890
Ball Watch Co. Oak Regulator, circa 1890


Mirrors are a great way to add dimension to a room. An antique floor mirror can easily become the centerpiece of your bedroom. For a smaller space, a wall mirror can be a beautiful addition as it adds character to an otherwise empty wall area. The gilt wall mirror below, with its elaborate design, is elegant and charming. For a larger space, consider a floor mirror like the one below.

Gilt Wood Shield Shaped Wall Mirror, circa 1920-1930
French Gilt Double Sided Floor Mirror, circa 1930

Fine Art

Fine art is the answer to any empty wall area. If you’re in need of fine art, antique paintings are perfect. Hang a soothing landscape piece like Norton Bush’s Lands End San Francisco, or choose an eye-catching floral landscape like the painting below by Antoine Blanchard.

Norton Bush, Lands End San Francisco
Antoine Blanchard, Landscape

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