Georgian Silver

Learn about the different parts of the Georgian timeline of rule and see some beautiful examples of silver design during each period.

Queen Anne (Reigned 1702-1714)

She had no heirs and was the last monarch of the House of Stuart. Under the Acts of Union in 1707, the kingdoms of England and Scotland were united as a single sovereign state known as Great Britain. Anne reigned as Queen of Great Britain and Ireland until her death. The end of her reign began the Georgian Era, as George I took over rule.


Timothy Ley
Rare Queen Anne Porrigner, Circa 1711
Previously owned by Lord North

George I (Reigned 1714-1727)

George I was the first Hanovarian King of Britain. Parliament had decreed that the monarch could only be Anglican and Georg was a Protestant, so 57 Catholic claimants were passed over to offer Georg Ludwig the British crown. George I fought with distinction against the French during the War of the Spanish Succession. is shrewd diplomatic judgment enabled him to help forge an alliance with France in 1717–18. He was known to be quite shy.


Thomas Bamford
Early George II Sterling Silver Castor, Circa 1731
Previously Exhibited in the British Museum

George II (Reigned 1727-1760)

He was fond of uniforms and anything military, and loved routine. George II had little control over British domestic policy, which was largely controlled by the Parliament of Great Britain. His son Frederick, who died before him, openly opposed him. He found solace in facts and figures. George II was brave and was the last British monarch to lead his own troops into battle.


Circa 1730
George II Sterling Silver Coffee Pot with Crest

George III (Reigned 1760-1820)

George III was nicknamed “Farmer George” for his love of agriculture, but he also had other interests in the sciences, manufacturing, music and the arts. His reign was during the period when Britain won an empire in the Seven Year’s War, but lost the American colonies. He and his wife Queen Charlotte had 15 children, including the future king George IV.


John Edwards
Circa 1792
Sterling Loving Cup with Gilt Interior

George IV (Reigned 1820-1830)

He was known for his extravagance, even to the point of being gluttonous. He collected many important works of art, which now reside in the Royal Collection. He built the Royal Pavilion at Brighton, and restored both Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. His only child, daughter Charlotte, passed away while delivering a stillborn son, thus robbing the family of two heirs. The Georgian age ended with the death of George IV on June 26, 1830.


Waterhouse, Hodgson & Co.
Circa 1825
George IV Set of Four Sterling Silver Repousse Rococo Candlesticks

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