Antique Clocks

Owning and collecting finely-made items such as antique French clocks or antique mantel clocks is a wonderful pastime and hobby.

Are you searching for antique clocks such as antique mantel clocks or antique French clocks? More than six-thousand years has been dedicated to perfecting the clock. For as long as humankind has been in existence, so also existed that insatiable desire to record time and the past. In the medieval times, large clock towers signified to those surrounding individuals the times for prayer. From farmers to ancient Egyptians, clocks have not only served as an essential asset to our everyday lives, but a form of art as well. Solvang Antiques is your ideal source for beautiful antique clocks, from Vienna regulator wall clocks and tall case clocks to carriage clocks and antique mystery clocks.

Solvang Antiques is a clock collector’s dream come true, ­ a rare opportunity for antique lovers to discover, enjoy, acquire and learn about antique clocks of every type imaginable. Where else can you immerse yourself in a world with antique timepieces from England, America, France, Germany and Austria, featuring important examples from the 18th to 20th centuries?

In the early 1600s, clocks were considered to be luxurious items whose ownership was reserved for only the most wealthy and prominent of civilians in the United States. Centuries later, antique clocks may still be considered by many as status symbols. Owning and collecting finely-made items such as antique French clocks or antique mantel clocks is a wonderful pastime and hobby.

Here you will also find fine porcelain and marquetry clocks, Vienna regulators, Westminster chiming floor clocks, and bronze mantel clocks.  At Solvang Antiques you will find professionals with substantial knowledge and good taste to commission extraordinary works from the world’s finest horological geniuses.

Some of the well known and sought after clock and watchmakers in our inventory have included:

  • John Ellicott, Charles Frodsham, Paul Rimbault, Elliott, and Hamilton (England)
  • Breguet, LeRoy, Japy Freres, Berthoud and L’Epee (France)
  • George Jones, Seth Thomas, E. Howard, Ansonia, Ithaca, Waterbury and Ingraham (United States of America)
  • Gustav Becker, Lenzkirch, Jan Henkels, and Paul Conrad (Germany)
Come and discover the fine 18th and 19th century American and European antique clocks including impressive antique grandfather clocks and antique wall clocks. Visit for a superb selection of clocks from one of the finest multi-dealer galleries on the West Coast. Tremendous quality, great service, friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, and detailed restoration with warranty makes shopping for antique clocks at Solvang Antiques a satisfying and memorable experience.
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